2017-18 All Region Band Audition Success!

To all:

I wanted to take a moment to wrap up our TMEA Region 33 All-Region Band auditions that our students were involved in over this past week and will continue through January.
We had a record number of 47 total students involved in these auditions with 29 of them being 9th graders. Here are the remarkable results as of now:
Students awarded 9th grade All-Region Status:
Daniel Moreno – Trumpet
Karina Valparaiso – Flute
Juell Anthony – Bb Clarinet
Emmanuel Gonzalez – Tuba
Joshua Ito – Percussion
Austin Franklin – Tenor Trombone
Students awarded 9-12th grade All-District Status:
Kayden Bowie – Flute – 9th grade
Thanh Tu Tran – Flute – 12th grade
Oscar Gil – Bassoon – 11th grade
Naila Nguyen – Bassoon – 9th grade
Jerome Cabugao – Oboe – 9th grade
Britney Lam – Bb Clarinet – 10th grade
Adrian Hadley – Bb Clarinet – 11th grade
Kevin Santos – French Horn – 10th grade
Kenny Nguyen – French Horn – 10th grade
Students awarded 9-12th grade All-Region Status:
Joshua Ito – Percussion – 9th grade
Ngoc Truong – Bassoon – 10th grade
Daniel Cruz – Tuba – 10th grade
Students advancing to 9-12th grade Area F All-Area auditions:
Ngoc Truong – Bassoon – 10th grade
Daniel Cruz – Tuba – 10th grade
All-Area auditions is the next step to audition for the All-State status. We are very proud of our students and excited to continue to support these students as they continue on with their preparations and auditions each weekend.
I hope to see you all at our Winter Concert and thank you to all for your continued support of our students and program.

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