Weekly Update 8.26.18

Hello, Westfield Big Red Band!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Thank you for a great Saturday rehearsal!  We had great attendance…we still need to work on meeting the start of rehearsals…9:00am start is you are ready in the assigned location at 9:00am.

The large band hall now has a board with the monthly calendar…thank you Mr. Skembos for putting it together.  You have the band website, the large calendar in the band hall, and remind to reference what is happening! : )

This week looks like:


Brass masterclasses.  Masterclasses begin at 2:00pm with 7/8 period folks and then the remaining will join at 3:00-4:00pm.  At this point, every masterclass teacher has developed a routine…please check in with YOUR teacher and do how they want to operate with instruction…we simply give you general times, but every instructor may have organized when you go in for instruction a little differently.  REMEMBER:  Masterclass instructors are taking attendance and reporting your progress to us directors…we literally discuss every student!



Woodwind masterclasses.  Please see above…same lingo for you.

Color Guard Rehearsal 3:00-5:00pm

Winds and Percussion Rehearsal 5:30-8:00pm



Full Band Rehearsal 3:30-6:00pm



FOOTBALL GAME VS LAMAR – stay tuned for itinerary



Full Band Rehearsal 3:30-6:30pm



We will confirm as a staff on Monday about Saturday’s rehearsal.


It’s Labor Day Weekend!


For the game on Thursday, attire will be the following:

  • Athletic Shoes
  • NO SHOW Socks
  • Khaki Shorts…they simply need to be fitted, not baggy, and look professional.  Try avoiding cargo shorts, but if you have those and they are not baggy, they will be fine.
  • Shirt…you will receive this week
  • Hair must be neat…girls in pony tail
  • Mr. Norman is working on getting sun glasses for everyone



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