Concert Attire!


Hope your weekend has been relaxing thus far and we hope that you are looking forward to your day off tomorrow!

Here is some information regarding concert attire for our concert on Friday the 15th at 7:00pm


Concert attire is referred to in many professional groups as “Concert Black”. It is meant to give the most neutral viewing experience for the audience. In other words, making sure that the focus of the audience member is on the instrument and the face of all of the performers.


General Guidelines:

-There should be minimal skin showing that is not your face or your hands.


For Men –

Black Dress Shoes

Black Socks

Black Business Slacks

Black button-down collared shirt

Black Belt


For Women –

Black, longer than knee length dress that covers shoulders and upper arms, with black Panty-hose


Black business slacks and black long sleeve top or blouse

All women must wear closed toe flats.


In class on Tuesday there will be students with examples of appropriate attire to help provide examples.





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