Weekly Update 11.5.18

Welcome to November!

I wanted to take a moment and send some information about upcoming events as we shift our focus across the program to new endeavors! WGI/TCGC Color Guard and Indoor Drumline seasons are beginning, we move towards practicing with wind players indoors and concert instruments, TMEA All-Region Band auditions, and Winter/Holiday performance opportunities!

We also have the unique challenge of doing these new activities while upholding a high standard with the Big Red Band as a marching unit. Our football team is playing very well and we need to be prepared for a playoff season. We will be performing the “Spirit Show” starting next week for our final regular season football game with some NEW tweaks. It is vital that everyone be present at these events so that we can continue to show our spirit and energy.

For all members of the band (winds, percussion, guard):

Grades for the next marking period WILL include – Full Band Practices once a week and Football Game performances. Both will count as major grades and our absence policy stays in effect. Remember that it is up to us to determine our success and part of this is how our community perceives our dedication to our craft. Being committed to attendance/attitude/effort regarding the marching activity will help us be successful in the future.


Grades for marking period 3 will include masterclass attendance, material pass offs, and attendance/attitude/effort benchmarks. More details will be provided in class on Tuesday.


Get ready for Winter Guard season! Staging of the 2019 Winter Guard shows will begin this week and your training as you move into the Spring semester will help set our ENTIRE program up for success in the future! Please see Mr. Harrington for further updates but continue to use the remind for Big Red Band updates regarding the football games and those practices.


Indoor Drumline season is here! Mr. Culotta will be communicating with everyone about rehearsals and activities from this point forward.


There will be NO brass masterclasses on MONDAY, there WILL be woodwind masterclasses on Tuesday. We are working on getting brass masterclasses rescheduled for everyone and you will be first to know about this development.


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