Weekly Update 8.12.18

Hello Big Red Band Family!

This is your first weekly update of the 2018-19 school year! This is what our upcoming week looks like. As always, check the calendar and remind system for any changes that may need to occur after this update is published. This update does NOT replace the use of remind and the calendar but only serves as a general reminder of events. We had such a great band camp, lots of fun and hard work.

Before we get to the schedule, I wanted to make a note about attendance. Attendance at all rehearsals is mandatory and is part of the class grade. Band handbooks and student agreements will go home on Wednesday and will detail this. This is not made to be punitive but rather to ensure that all members of the team are present at all practices in order for the entire Big Red Band to succeed this season. Missing just one rehearsal ensures that you will be behind. Guaranteed. If you are behind then someone (staff, student leader) will have to spend time the next practice catching you up instead of teaching new material to the rest of the group. Team mentality is key, and everyone in the band is like the quarter back of a football team. If the quarter back is missing, then the team can not play. PERIOD. There is not one position less important than another. Please do not put other members of the band behind because you miss and we have to go back and review for you or dedicate a staff member to work with you individually. This teaches commitment for future endeavors such as college, a job, family etc.

Our attendance policy aligns with the WHS attendance office attendance policy.

Examples of excused absences include:

Doctor visit (with note)

Religious Activity

WHS UIL Activity

Family Emergency (with note)

Examples of UNEXCUSED ABSENCES include:



School Supplies Shopping


Club Meeting (Non-UIL)

Non-WHS Team Sports

If you miss a rehearsal for unexcused reasons, you will not be allowed to perform at the next performance with the band as we must ensure the safety of our students out on the field. If you missed information during the week and have not mastered it, there is a possibility that during performance you may injure a teammate or yourself.

Brass Masterclasses 2-4pm (No Trumpets this week)
Full Band Rehearsal 4-8pm

Woodwind Masterclasses 2-4pm (No saxes this week)
Full Band Rehearsal 4-8pm (IMPORTANT, FINISHING DRILL!)

No rehearsals after school

Full Band Rehearsal 3:30-7pm

Full Band Rehearsal 3:30-6pm

Full Band Drill Learning Rehearsal 9am-Noon (these Saturday rehearsals are few and very important, as we learn lots of drill on these days)

Here is next week at a glance:
Monday – Masterclasses
Tuesday – Color Guard Rehearsal, Winds/Percussion Rehearsal
Wednesday – Full Band Rehearsal
Thursday – Full Band Rehearsal
Friday – No rehearsals
Saturday – Full Band Drill Learning Rehearsal



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