Weekly Update 9.17.18

Big Red Band,

Happy Sunday!  Hope you are having a restful weekend and are gearing up for a great first competition week!

BOA McAllen is this coming weekend…we are traveling Friday morning and will be back at Westfield on Sunday morning, approximately 7:00AM.  We will be making you aware of everything you need to know as we begin the week tomorrow and move through it.

You all noticed how every dot was filled last Thursday during our halftime performance…that needs to be the presence at every rehearsal this week.  Communication of attendance and tardiness is vital, please approach a director and be honest.  Every single person is important and a key component, show up and be excited to prepare your performance for someone!  Make someone watch you and enjoy what you do, that should be every single individual goal.

Monday 9/17:

Brass Masterclasses

Tuesday 9/18:

Woodwind Masterclasses

Color Guard Rehearsal 3:00-5:00PM

Winds/Percussion Rehearsal 5:30-8:00PM

Wednesday 9/19:

FULL Band Rehearsal 3:30-6:00PM

Thursday 9/20:

FULL Band Rehearsal 3:30-6:00PM


Friday 9/21:


We do look forward to rehearsing at the WAC, please be ready to GO GO GO this week.  No downtime as we have many logistics involved with our production and we want to maximize rehearsal time.  Every one has been awesome with props – THANK YOU!

The goal is to learn some part 4 drill, solidify music (make sure you are confident with memorizing) and clean up the show that we will put on at McAllen (this involves adding body, adjustments, etc…MUST BE AT REHEARSAL).

Last thing – GRADES GRADES GRADES – make sure that you are passing your classes or ensure that YOU WILL PASS!!!  Check in with every single teacher, do not assume things.  Turn in assignments, ask if you can make up or what you can do to earn extra credit…just talk to your teachers.  Teachers want to simply know that you care about their class and that you want to do everything possible to succeed…it just takes communication – communication is the best effort to demonstrate!

For your grade to ensure that you read this letter, please wear something BLUE…shoes, socks, pants, shirt, etc.  SHOW US YOUR De-BLUE-Sea!

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