Weekly Update

Good Evening Big Red Band Family!

Please see the calendar for the week below. We are hosting Mr. Gary Markham as a clinician in order to prepare for our future contests. We will be finishing the marching band show tomorrow evening at rehearsal. Please also see the previous post CLICK HERE concerning a change in the rehearsal schedule that was made to accommodate another clinic with Mr. Markham on Monday the 8th! We have lots to be excited about this week as we complete the learning process for our show and move into our second contest of the season. Please see CLICK HERE to see the itinerary for this Saturday’s band contest.


Monday – Brass and Oboe

Tuesday – Clarinet, Sax, Bassoon, Flute

These will go into the Marking Period 2 as MAJOR GRADES!



For this week, the weekly update check will require a one paragraph (4 sentence essay) on “Why Marching Band and Color Guard is a TEAM SPORT!” This is to be turned in at the beginning of each class for a daily grade.


Thanks everyone!

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